Preparing for Your Boudoir Session

Hi! I am just thrilled to create an amazing photographic experience for you! In this guide, I will help you prepare for your boudoir session with Savannah Boudoir Photography. I can’t wait to remind you just how beautiful you are.

Before your session

On the day of your session, be sure to wear loosely fitting clothes. This will help you to not have marks on your skin from bra/jeans etc!


So often clients show up with the entire content of a Victoria Secret store in their bag… haha! I am here to help. I think that no more than five “outfits” is a great number to get a variation of looks. I use the term “outfits” loosely, since I have a few things at my studio like this gorgeous chunky knit West Elm knit blanket that can count as an outfit! I think that one pieces look amazing on everyone! Some places that I recommend you check out:

Victoria’s Secret (a classic!)

BHLDN – This is a more high end option, but geeze louise is their selection to die for.

Adore Me – This is a great site to get inexpensive lingerie.

House of Strut – a local vintage store in Savannah that has gorgeous vintage lingerie! The last time that I was in there they had a vintage Christian Dior slip that was just to die for!

I’d recommend bringing in a few pieces of jewelry- I love sparkles! My personal favorite jewelry designer to photograph is Loren Hope. 

In regards to shoes – there are tons of beautiful shots that pair nicely with a killer set of heels!

Special items – if you have clothing, jewelry etc that means a lot to you… bring it! I have also had so much fun with items that are meaningful to whoever will be receiving boudoir photos as a gift… For example- I had a client bring in her fiance’s guitar and we created one of my favorite photos. I had a client bring the shirt her fiance was wearing when they met. I thought that was the cutest idea! I have created meaningful and fun photos with baseball bats, soccer balls- so many things that you wouldn’t immediately think of when it comes to a boudoir shoot… but in the end it was just so perfect and special for the client!

Hair & Makeup

All of my clients are treated to some VIP pampering with Hustle & Blow Dry Bar. I will setup your appointment for you and forward you the information. They are located beside Gigi’s cupcakes just past Fresh Market on Abercorn… just a few miles from my studio! They recommend that you show up with clean hair and face, maybe with a little facial moisturizer. You will love this experience! The ladies at Hustle & Blow Dry Bar do an amazing job- but feel free to let them know if there’s anything that doesn’t ring true for you or you would like to have changed. I want you to feel so confident and comfortable and like a million bucks when you leave their salon. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t usually wear makeup, it is normal to feel as if it’s a little much. Just let your makeup artist know that you’d like to go with a more natural approach, and trust us that it will photograph so beautifully in camera! You will be amazed at what a pair of fake eyelashes will do to a photo. *Insert heart eyed emoji*

Nails- Definitely give your fingernails and toenails a once over. It’s better to have no polish than polish that’s chipped or due for a fresh coat. I shoot the hands and feet a good bit and this is something that would be easy to forget about until the day of your session!

Spray Tans 

Don’t do it! Too often clients have splotchy hands and feet after they have been spray tanned. It’s much easier for me to warm up your skin tone while editing than have my retoucher work on discolored hands and feet. Speaking of tans, don’t worry about tan lines! We give all of your favorite photos a loving last touch- including removal of tan lines. In my perfect world I wouldn’t have any tan lines (if you know what I mean…. hahaha!). But sadly this is just how it works, especially with us living on the coast! So no worries there, sister friend.


It’s just so normal to feel nervous about being vulnerable with a stranger. But let me just tell ya- literally everyone tells me after their session that while they initially felt nervous, within moments they were at ease and had a dern good time. 🙂 You’ll see!!!! I also show you the back of my camera throughout the shoot so that you can see how amazing you look. This is always a huge confidence booster. Boudoir sessions feel like the most fun girl time ever. Like, I will totally want to be BFF’s after this shoot and I will be sad to see you go! I don’t know what it is about shooting boudoir- but throughout the session I just see so much beauty and good in every woman I am privileged to photograph. I am goofy, truly LOVE photographing women and I can’t wait to create an incredible experience for you!