Let’s Talk About Pre-Boudoir Session Nerves!


It is totally normal and expected, so breathe a sigh of relief! Being photographed in this way… often with someone you haven’t met yet can be totally unnerving! Let’s talk about it.


Some things that I hear all the time: I’m not in shape! But I know I’m not getting any younger I have had a few beautiful children and have not made a proper effort to take care of myself I have tan lines, acne, bruises, etc and feel those things will ruin my photos I hate most photos of myself and I am worried that I won’t like any of the photos My significant other/friends would never think I’d do anything like this!


Everyone has hangups that they feel will create a less than stellar experience, but this is when my expertise comes in to play. You will begin the day getting all glam with Hustle and Blow Dry Bar. Nerves will start to disappear as you get some pampering! Don’t get me started on the magicians at Hustle & Blow Dry Bar… once you see yourself with just the most perfect, wavy hair you will start to feel so pumped about being documented on this day. It’s so funny that after sessions often times my clients go into work, soccer practice, etc looking like a million bucks! Always know that in moments of doubt and stress about preparing for your session you can absolutely text me for as many encouraging messages or calls as you need. I am very approachable and down to earth. I completely get how you can be feeling a little nervous!


After hair and makeup you’ll come a mile or two down the road to the studio where I will help you carry things upstairs. I will give the best of all pep talks, look you in the eyes and tell you that we are going to have an amazing time together. That once you see the back of the camera in a few minutes you will be on cloud 9. I find that showing you right off the bat that with your beauty and my skills combined we are in for greatness. You don’t have to know anything about posing or how to stand or what to do with your hands… I have all of that under control! I often times will basically climb the walls to get photos from high angles. This is so flattering! As we shoot together you will become more and more comfortable. I am extremely goofy and I think you will be surprised by how relaxed you feel! I get all up in your business (and not in a creepy way hahaha) to make sure your hair is perfectly placed, your outfits are laying just right etc. It is astounding the magic that happens as I work with you, but honestly there is a change that happens with both of us. You go from being a new person that I just met, to learning more about you and what brings you joy. I see so much natural beauty in every person and I help you see it, too.


By the time you leave I will honestly be wishing that we had more time together and can’t wait to get home to edit your photos and show you what we created together. Have no fear- literally no one has ever walked away from a session and not had trouble narrowing down their favorites. I can’t tell you how nice it feels to take some time away from the craziness of life to celebrate you. Please feel free to ask me any questions so that I can address any concerns that are keeping you from jumping the gun and taking part in this amazing experience!